SAUNATRICK is a new Finnish sauna brand.

The SAUNATRICK Wood pack set contains two ingeniously designed and useful items; sauna pillow and backrest. When put together it's also a handy pack to carry goods such as shampoo in it. Suitable for every sauna. In your home sauna you can make SAUNATRICK a handy package of sauna aromas and a brush.

The idea of SAUNATRICK as a product was invented in the sauna, when everything needed in the bathing was a mess inside the sauna. The product has a function: a carrier and containing device will transform into two luxury items to be used in sauna: a pillow and a backrest. Hence the name SAUNATRICK.

SAUNATRICK is an innovative and versatile sauna product made in Finland. The product is made of black alder, which is the best suited wood species for humid conditions. In addition to domestic design and craftsmanship, this species of wood makes SAUNATRICK a quality product.

SAUNATRICK is designed carefully, considering all the practical needs. You can push the backrest in lead by a half circle formed groove. It makes it possible for the product to dry through, even though it's assembled wet. This makes the product very easy to use. Place the product upwards and leave it to dry.

The back support will bring you extra comfort, when sitting in the sauna. The benches in the sauna are almost always made in an uncomfortable 90 degree angle. SAUNATRICK -back support will help you to relax your lower back. You will notice its value in a minute! The pillow in its part makes you able to comfortably lie on the bench on your back.

SAUNATRICK is well suited for every sauna. In your home sauna you can include all you need in a small package. In public saunas it's a handy alternative for a plastic back. Beverages, shampoos, personal hygiene and else are fitted in. In sauna, the package turns into a pillow and backrest.

Finnish invention, design and implementation

Utility Model Registry No. 10480

Registered Community Design No. 001405385-0001